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Survey questions

The survey questionnaire has remained largely consistent between the three years with some minor changes to question wording. A new question was added to the Research opt-in bank at the request of a statutory customer who originally sponsored that bank of questions. In order to gather feedback about our communications with graduates and understand what works a new question was added to the online survey for HESA’s internal use only. No new questions have been added to or deleted from the core questionnaire. A high level survey routing diagram of Graduate Outcomes is available, alongside the latest version of the survey.

Background to questionnaire development is available in the previous version of this report, first published to accompany outputs from year one [1]. The survey has been updated for each cohort since it was first launched in December 2018. These changes have focused on minor amendments to routing and changes to text that were deemed necessary to improve data quality and likely to improve response rates. Particular attention has been paid to making sure the changes do not have a material impact on the meaning of the questions and do not bias the survey results in any way or make the data incomparable.

The survey results coding manual, which contains necessary information and guidance on the data that is returned from the survey, is available to users.

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