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Respondent burden

As the organisation responsible for conducting Graduate Outcomes survey, we are expected to reflect on the data collection burden on respondents under the Code of Practice for Statistics. Based on the methodology outlined by the Government Statistical Service[1], respondent burden has been calculated using the following parameters:

  • Number of complete survey responses[2]
  • Time taken to complete the survey
  • Mode of data collection

Compliance cost (online) = 1,033,842.33 minutes

Compliance cost (telephone) = 3,051,307.35 minutes

Through our ongoing review of the survey we aim to identify efficiencies in data collection by reducing the length of the questionnaire, following a thorough review of user needs. As a result of this exercise, we were able to remove a few questions from the fourth iteration of this survey. Consequently, we hope to have reduced respondent burden and will report on the impact of this change next year.

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[2] Given the limitations of paradata collected on Graduate Outcomes, it has not been possible to include partial survey responses in this assessment. Also excluded are a small number of records with errors in the recording of start and end time or which had unusually large or small survey durations.