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Graduate Outcomes user guide

Guidance on the background, methodology, and available resources for users of the Graduate Outcomes survey.

This contents list links to various sources of documentation for the Graduate Outcomes survey and the datasets created from its results. This material aims to meet the needs of technical and expert users of the data. If you have any feedback on the contents of this guide please contact [email protected].

List of user guide contents

Survey methodology

Graduate Outcomes Survey methodology - Introduction and contents

Governance and data protection

Graduate Outcomes steering group

Implementation project including:

Data protection guidance for providers (re. contact details)

Privacy information for graduates (on

Privacy information for students

Metadata and definitions

Coding manuals for HESA data collections include lists of data fields and values as well as metadata information:

Tables and charts specification 2018/19 (.xlsx)



Data quality

Graduate Outcomes Survey Quality Report

Archive and record of changes to the user guide

Year 1 - 2017/18

2017/18 Methodology Statement part two
Graduate Outcomes Dissemination Policy v1
Coding manual - Graduate Outcomes Contact Details record 2017/18
Coding manual - Graduate Outcomes Survey Results record 2017/18
Tables and charts specification (2017/18) (.xlsx)
Graduate Outcomes Survey Quality Report v1


This arrangement of documentation as a 'user guide' is new for the 2018/19 release of Graduate Outcomes data. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this guide please let us know by emailing [email protected].