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Notes to tables - Higher Education Statistics 2008/09

  1. Analyses of subject information show Full Person Equivalents (FPE). These are derived by splitting student instances between the different subjects that make up their course aim.
  2. Total UK domicile includes UK domicile region unknown.
  3. Total non-UK domicile includes non-UK domicile region unknown.
  4. Students of indeterminate gender are included in total figures but not in separate breakdowns.
  5. Initial Teacher Training (ITT) PGCE qualifications obtained includes both Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE at level M) and Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE at level H).
  6. Percentage of known destination excludes those who replied to the survey but explicitly refused to give information, and is expressed as a percentage of all students from whom a destination of leavers record was expected.
  7. Students of unknown age are included in total figures and percentage calculations but not in separate age breakdowns.
  8. Total UK domicile includes Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and UK domicile region unknown.
  9. UK LEA mandatory/discretionary awards includes the Student Awards Agency for Scotland and the Department for Employment and Learning (Northern Ireland).
  10. Figures relating to part-time overseas domiciled students may include students studying largely overseas by distance learning who also visit the United Kingdom for part of their programme of study.
  11. Staff of indeterminate gender are included in total figures but not in separate breakdowns.
  12. The list of institutions in the HESA products for 2008/09 has changed.
    • Dartington College of Arts merged with University College Falmouth in 2007/08 but continued to make separate returns for that collection year. A single return has been made in 2008/09.
  13. The following institutions have changed their names in the HESA products for 2008/09:
    • Trinity College, Carmarthen changed to Trinity University College
    • Napier University changed to Edinburgh Napier University
    • The Arts Institute at Bournemouth changed to The Arts University College at Bournemouth
    • Trinity Laban changed to Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
    • Leeds Trinity and All Saints changed to Leeds Trinity University College.
  14. University of London is a confederal organisation. The colleges of the university, shown separately in the HESA reference volumes, are:
    • Birkbeck College
    • The Institute of Cancer Research
    • Central School of Speech and Drama
    • Courtauld Institute of Art
    • Goldsmiths College
    • Heythrop College
    • Institute of Education
    • King’s College London
    • London Business School
    • London School of Economics and Political Science
    • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    • Queen Mary and Westfield College
    • Royal Academy of Music
    • Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
    • The Royal Veterinary College
    • St. George’s Hospital Medical School
    • The School of Oriental and African Studies
    • The School of Pharmacy
    • University College London.

    In addition, the institutes within the umbrella of University of London (Institutes and activities) are:

    • University of London Institute in Paris
    • University Marine Biological Station, Millport
    • School of Advanced Study comprises:
      • Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
      • Institute of Classical Studies
      • Institute of Commonwealth Studies
      • Institute of English Studies
      • Institute of Germanic Studies and Romance Studies
      • Institute of Historical Research
      • Institute of Musical Research
      • Institute of Philosophy
      • Institute for the Study of the Americas
      • Warburg Institute.
  15. In 2008/09 a small number of HEIs submitted first degree data without a classification. These figures are included in totals but not in separate breakdowns.
  16. In 2008/09 and 2007/08 a number of HEIs with significant levels of FE provision did not make dual returns to HESA and the former Learning and Skills Council (LSC). These HEIs only made a return for this provision to the LSC. Therefore FE enrolment numbers for these HEIs are not shown within this table.
  17. In 2008/09 Loughborough University completed both the FSR Table 6a sections 'institutions in England and Northern Ireland only' and head 1d 'EU domicile students' for 'institutions in Wales only' in error. Values from these sections have been suppressed from table 17, retaining only the HEI's 'home & EU domicile, HE course fees' total figure of £33,602,000, which has been included into the 'total tuition fees & education contracts' figure.

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