Now open for data submission

Data stream  Return date
C15061 KIS record Open for updates        
C15053 ITT record 

25 January 2016 (NCTL Update)

C14054 AP Student record 

9 October 2015

C14025 Staff record

30 September 2015

C14052 Aggregate offshore record 30 September 2015

C14031 FSR 13 December 2015

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The HESA JISCMAIL groups serve as forums through which providers can air discussion topics. There are separate lists for each data stream e.g. HESA-Student, HESA-Estates etc. These lists are used to circulate email news alerts from HESA regarding data requirements, coding manuals and validation kit releases.

Colleagues involved in data collection and submission are encouraged to join relevant lists. To join a HESA JISCMAIL list please email

Data collection diary