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Community Dashboards Experts' Group: Terms of Reference


The Community Dashboards Experts’ Group exists to:

  • Provide Higher Education (HE) data expertise to bring a detailed knowledge of the opportunities and issues arising from the national data landscape, coupled with technical skills in order to ensure that the Community Dashboards portfolio responds to current, and where possible future, requirements and offers maximum value to the HE sector.

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The Community Dashboards Experts’ Group will:

  • Suggest changes to the existing Community Dashboard portfolio, such as enhancements, bug fixes, and contribute to recommendations for dashboard retirement
  • Identify key focus areas for future Analytics Labs teams
  • Nominate/recommend staff for new Analytics Labs teams


A Chair of the Group will be nominated from the non-HESA and non-Jisc members. The Chair will serve for a period of one year

  • Membership has been drawn from previous Heidi Labs, Library Data Labs, and Analytics Labs participants and other HE data professionals from HESA subscribing providers and sector organisations to ensure that there is a broad level of responsibility and insight with a range of representation across functional areas and geographically. Membership will include representation from HESA and Jisc
  • Formally membership will be offered to individuals not the organisations of which they are employees. If a member opts to leave the group before the duration of their tenure then that place will not necessarily be allocated to another representative of that organisation. However, membership is chosen to provide a broad representation of different users' communities within the HE sector, with UK-wide coverage. Replacement members will therefore be selected with a view to maintaining that representation
  • HE provider and other sector organisation representatives will normally serve for a period of one year. HE provider and other sector organisation representatives may be re-appointed once, after which a two-year period must elapse before they are eligible for further appointment.


The Community Dashboards Experts’ Group will meet twice each year face to face and on an ad-hoc basis virtually as needed.

Reporting lines

The Community Dashboards Experts’ Group reports directly to the Community Dashboards Strategic Advisory Group.

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