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Heidi Plus governance

Heidi Plus offers robust and powerful business intelligence for UK HE. To ensure the platform delivers insights of the highest quality, each level of the service is subject to rigorus quality control and governance. This section outlines the purpose and role of:

Community Dashboards Experts' Group

Since September 2017, Community Dashboards – prototyped by Jisc’s Analytics Labs teams and developed by HESA – have delivered visualisations to the HE sector through Heidi Plus. To complement this, the Community Dashboards Experts’ Group has been established to maximise the dashboards' appeal to a range of end users.

Who is in the Experts’ Group?

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The current Experts’ Group comprises 38 members of previous Heidi Labs, Library Data Labs, and Analytics Labs participants, and other HE data professionals. 

Each has been invited to represent a wide cross-section of university departments (for example, but not limited to, planning, finance, library, estates, and human resources) covering a mix of data skills, analytics experience, and Tableau skills, as well as HESA and Jisc staff.

Experts’ Group members attend two face-to-face development meetings during their year-long membership of the group.

What does the Experts’ Group do?

The HE professionals of the Experts’ Group bring technical skills and a detailed knowledge of the opportunities and issues arising from the national data landscape

The group’s HE data experts bring technical skills and a detailed knowledge of the opportunities and issues arising from the national data landscape to:

  • Suggest changes to the existing Community Dashboard portfolio, such as enhancements, bug fixes, and contribute to recommendations for dashboard retirement
  • Identify key focus areas for future Analytics Labs teams
  • Nominate/recommend staff for new Analytics Labs teams.

Go to the Terms of Reference for the Experts' Group

Strategic Advisory Group

The Community Dashboards Experts’ Group includes a Strategic Advisory Group comprised of select senior staff who bring significant experience to the initiative.  The groups work together, considering recommendations made by the Experts’ Group, to help HESA and Jisc to focus resources where required most.

Go to the Terms of Reference for the Strategic Advisory Group

heidi Stakeholder Group

The heidi Stakeholder Group was effective between March 2014 and February 2017 but has since been superceded by the Heidi Plus Strategic Advisory Group.

Its purpose was to:

  • Advise the HESA Board on the quality of the service provided through Heidi Plus for the user community
  • Identify and prioritise areas for the on-going development of Heidi Plus and related services
  • Represent the Heidi Plus user community and offer advice and feedback to HESA to ensure that the service continues to meet requirements and aspirations of users.

Minutes and papers from the Stakeholder Group meetings are available as part of the heid archie, but will not be updated.