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Income and expenditure of UK HE providers

The HESA Finance Statistics Record collects comparable finance data from HE providers in the UK. 

Table 1 - Income and expenditure by HE provider 2014/15 and 2013/14

Sources of income 2014/15
Source Income (£000s) % of total
Funding body grants 5,279,035 15.9%
Tuition fees & education contracts 15,585,517 46.9%
Research grants & contracts 5,912,016 17.8%
Other income 6,062,545 18.3%
Endowment & investment income 359,559 1.1%
Total income 33,198,672  
Categories of expenditure 2014/15
Category Expenditure (£000s) % of total
Staff costs - academic 9,526,271 30.6%
Staff costs - other 7,593,573 24.4%
Other operating expenses 11,692,011 37.5%
Depreciation 1,960,647 6.3%
Interest and other finance costs 403,918 1.3%
Total expenditure 31,176,420  

Viz first published in Press Release 229. Download background data: HESA_PR229_Finance_data_2014-15.xlsx


Viz first published in Press Release 233. Download background data: HESA_PR233_Expenditure_2014-15.xlsx

More summary tables

Table 1 - Income and expenditure by HE provider 2014/15 and 2013/14
Previous years

Introduction to Finances of HE providers 2014/15 - Sector level tables and charts

Income tables:
Table D - income by source
Table E - funding body grants
Table F - tuition fees
Table G - research grants and contracts
Table H - other income

Expenditure tables:
Table I - expenditure by category
Table J - activity group
Table K - department group

Balance sheet
Table A - Balance sheet 2014/15


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External sources

Related statistics are published by various organisations. These links are to external websites for which HESA is not responsible.

The British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) is the representative body for higher education finance staff in the United Kingdom.

Financial Statements of UK HE Providers

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Q. How has HE income and expenditure changed over time?

Income and expenditure of HE providers 2005/06 to 2014/15
Academic year Total income (£000s) Expenditure (£000s)
2014/15 33,198,672 31,176,420
2013/14 30,748,240 29,407,305
2012/13 29,202,101 27,975,978
2011/12 27,892,890 26,664,678
2010/11 27,523,406 26,205,427
2009/10 26,798,894 25,845,920
2008/09 25,371,918 24,939,307
2007/08 23,428,930 22,877,440
2006/07 21,255,048 21,016,635
2005/06 19,528,413 19,352,832
Finance data 1993/94 to 2012/13: Free online data tables

Q. How much income comes from international students?

Income from non-EU domicile students course fees by country 2014/15
Location of HE provider Non-EU course fees (£000s) % of total income
England 3,614,411 13.0%
Wales 143,476 10.0%
Scotland 444,951 12.8%
Northern Ireland 23,641 4.4%
United Kingdom 4,226,479 12.7%


Q. What is the income of HE providers in my region?

Region of HE provider 2014/15
Region Total income (£000s) Expenditure (£000s)
England 27,736,353 25,967,087
North East 1,313,514 1,218,268
North West 3,116,496 2,885,585
Yorkshire and The Humber 2,597,822 2,391,476
East Midlands 1,980,570 1,883,861
West Midlands 2,290,659 2,144,091
East of England 2,886,426 2,776,815
London 6,862,752 6,445,193
South East* 4,650,734 4,331,852
South West 2,037,380 1,889,946
Wales 1,435,561 1,375,554
Scotland 3,484,072 3,317,991
Northern Ireland 542,686 515,788
*South East total includes The Open University


Creative Commons License All tables and charts on this pages are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.