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Beta phase

This page provides key operational information to Beta participants and will be updated with any new information throughout the Beta phase

If you have any queries please email [email protected], or call +44 (0) 1242 388 531.

Beta phase: key points

  • Our aim for the Beta phase is to support testing and provider readiness ahead of the HESA Data Platform (HDP) opening for the 2022/23 collection in early 2023 with an experience closer to real-world usage than Alpha.  
  • There is no cap on applications: as communicated in our September 2021 update, we would encourage all providers to participate even if they may not be ready to submit files from the start of Beta. 
  • Beta testing will ensure the HDP is robust and responsive and enable providers to test their systems and processes: providers will submit real and test data files and engage with the quality assurance process to replicate a real-world data submission; there will be no limits on file size.
  • Data used in Beta testing will not be used for regulatory or statutory purposes.
  • We will provide support and training throughout the phase and we will communicate when this is available.

Beta phase: register your interest

Please submit one registration per organisation, so we can send out participation agreements ahead of the Beta phase launching in February 2022.

Data Futures Beta phase: register your interest

Beta phase overview

The Beta phase will run between February and August 2022, with a phased approach. We will provide more detail when it is available.

Contact [email protected] if you have any queries related to phases or requirements. 


HESA data platform: release history and known issues

A link to access the HESA Data Platform (HDP) will be provided when the Beta phase goes live.

Please note you will not be able to access the HDP unless:

  • Your head of provider has signed the Beta Phase Participation Agreement.
  • You have completed the HDP IDS onboarding process: access to the HDP is managed through the HESA Identity System (IDS). Users within the IDS have roles assigned to them which govern their access to the HDP.

Further details regarding each role, including terms and conditions will be provided in a guide to HESA IDS roles for the HDP: we will communicate when this is available.

If further roles are required, information will be added and communicated accordingly.

We will update this content ahead of the Beta phase launching in February 2022.

We will add further information ahead of the launch of the Beta phase in February 2022.

Additional functionality will be added to the HESA Data Platform as the Beta phase progresses.

We will provide more information ahead of the launch of the Beta phase in February 2022.

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Support materials

Further information on the Data Futures programme can be found in the Data Futures area and Data Futures resources pages