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Collection Design Project: version 3

Welcome to design phase version 3 of the Collection Design Project

Please note, version 3 pages are still available for your reference, but we have disabled links to avoid confusion: please refer to the Data Futures Resources page for project documents for your consideration.

Version 3 is an evolution of the model presented at version 2, it represents the final version of the Collection Design Project.  After this the model, will move into the Detailed Design Phase of the Data Futures programme.  The model will continue to evolve throughout this and the pilot phases until it is finalised.

This has been shaped by the feedback from version 2. We believe the design to be nearly complete, except where deliverables are specifically marked out of scope or where a small number of open questions are still under review.

The main additions to version 3 are the data journeys, the translations between the current and future physical states, and detail around the quality assurance process.

If you have comments or concerns about this model, please use our feedback form, there are links to it throughout the following pages.

The outputs from version 3 – including any of your feedback – will form the starting point for the Detailed Design Phase.