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Collection Governance: Consultation


Data, whether produced, processed or consumed plays an essential role in understanding and supporting the development of the UK’s HE sector.

This data is used by potential students to make choices about their studies, and by government bodies to develop and review policies. HE providers need data to benchmark their operations, and to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and the funding bodies use it to allocate public money. Data is also required for regulatory purposes, and in some cases is collected as a statutory requirement.

The rate of change within the sector is such that the current best practice is unlikely to be sustainable. Sector-wide adoption of best practice data governance goals and principles, through adherence to published codes of practice, is an operating framework to minimise burden in meeting these requirements.

A consensual and transparent approach to the governance of sector data is underpinned by a public and visible recognition that operating in the data landscape demands adherence to the principles of trust, impartiality and rigour.

The following pages and documents set out how all those with a stake in sector data can participate in a fair and measured process in the production, processing and consumption of data.

We recommend you work through the content in the following order:


  1. Code of practice: Please note, the supply-side has not changed from the current guidance and is available for your reference, so we are specifically seeking feedback in particular on the demand-side code of practice
  2. Burden assessment: methodology page and a downloadable PDF
  3. Net burden explanation, available as a downloadable PDF
  4. Having reviewed the content, we would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the above content (links for all content available in the survey)

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