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Data Futures resources

Welcome to the Data Futures resources page, below are toolkits and documentation for each stakeholder group. If you have additional queries please contact us.

Please do join the Data Futures JiscMail group for updates and announcements; we also have a Data Futures AP JiscMail group.

HE Provider: supply side

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions answers common queries that may arise about the Data Futures process and directs you to further resources that support the new Coding manual (Data Futures).

If you have any questions which are not answered by the FAQ please contact Liaison by email: [email protected], or phone: +44 (0)1242 211144.

Frequently asked questions

Data Futures preparation assessment

The Data Futures preparation assessment is intended to help practitioners to:

  • Reflect on, and evaluate preparedness across a range of information management categories
  • Prioritise areas for further action
  • Guide discussions with software providers
  • Communicate levels of comfort and concern to senior managers


Key concepts

As part of our work to provide ongoing updates on the progress of Data Futures, the following new key concept is now available:

  • Discrete collection

Learn more about key concepts


A Glossary of key terms has been created to use alongside the Coding manual (Data Futures).

If you have any queries over the terms used or requests for additional words to be considered, please email us.

Click through to the Glossary

Data Futures provisional timeline

Published 21 May 2020

Data Futures provisional timeline May 2020

The dates for Alpha and Beta pilot phases are indicative based on the current assumptions. More clarity on these phases will be provided in due course. 
Plans are still being worked through on the transition year and how the notion of a mandatory trial to assure readiness and a retrospective collection can work together to prepare providers for in-year collection. It is still anticipated that as part of the retrospective collection, data will be required from Autumn 2022. However, we do not currently anticipate providers engaging with the new data platform at this time, as assumptions are in place to minimise dual running with current Student collections where possible. 

The following year, the retrospective collection on the new data platform is expected to be signed-off and delivered to statutory customers in late summer /early autumn 2023 to allow for preparations into the first in-year reference period collection. 
Work is ongoing with the Provider Forum and software suppliers on the transition year. We expect to have a full transition plan in Autumn 2020 and to provide more information by the end of the year. 

Data Futures presentations

As part of our commitment to transparency, we will publish any relevant external Data Futues presentations in this section.

Presentation Supporting information

Data Futures Unit4 presentation


Remote presentation given on 5 May 2020


Data Futures webinars 2020

As part of our commitment to programme transparency, we will be sharing all appropriate recorded webinar content.  

Data Model overview 


Webinar for statutory customers: 4 May 2020.

Collection specification and technical content