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Collection specification and technical content

The Student - Data Futures collection specification is a product of extensive work with Statutory Customers, HE Providers and sector bodies. Through this collaborative development the collection specification has been refined, accommodating the needs of Statutory Customers and executed in a way as to minimise the resulting impact upon providers.

As with any working document a collection specification needs to flex and adapt to the future requirements of a dynamic policy environment. This will mean changes, but the collection specification for Data Futures has been structured in such as way to ensure that these changes are not fundamental. An iterative schedule of releases will allow for modifications to be made, at a similar frequency to those of an established collection specification (for example the Staff record).

There are still some areas of development, which can be found on the specification: ongoing development page.

In addition to feeding back through consultations on the Data specification overview page, you can provide feedback to our Liaison team as we will continually refine the data specification based on your feedback.

Collection specification: activity and information

Specification: ongoing development
Description Summary of requirement Status Status updates
XSD - composite keys There are areas in the data model where we have used composite keys to enforce uniqueness, but this is not working as expected (when we added in the key restrictions in a recent release, we haven't got the foreign key references working correctly). This is causing "unique contraint" errors to be flagged when submitting files through the system, when they shouldn't be.  Open

18/2/21: This will be fixed before the start of Alpha

Backward mapping - missing rows There are two missing rows from the backward mapping document: APELCRD and OWNVENUEID (both new fields that haven't been included in the mapping document). This will be added in a future release.  Resolved

3/3/21: fixed in the release today 

9/2/21: will be fixed in the next release

Typo in the data label There is a typo in the label for code 02 in the ModuleDeliveryRole.FRANIND field.  Resolved

3/3/21: fixed in the release today 

28/1/21: minor typo, will be fixed in the next release

XSD doesn't allow UKPRNs There are a few errors in the XSDs being produced since version 1.0.0 on 31 March - any field which allows a UKPRN to be submitted as well as others codes (such as ModuleDeliveryRole.HESAID and OffVenueActivity.HOSTID) do not currently support unions and so the UKPRNs cannot be submitted in the schema. The generic codes can be submitted, but nothing else.  Resolved

3/3/21: fixed in the release today 

21/9/20: XSD generation currently being worked on by the development team. 

XSD has 'action' references There are a few errors in the XSDs being produced since version 1.0.0 on 31 March - the actions contained within this are no longer relevant in a discrete collection. These will be removed in a future release.  Resolved

3/3/21: fixed in the release today 

10/9/20: XSD generation currently being worked on by development team. 

XSD maximum occurences  There is an error in the XSD produced in version 1.4.0 on 26 August - the maximum occurences within many entities is now displaying as unbounded. This should be showing the same values as appeared in the version 1.3.0 release.  Resolved

3/3/21: fixed in the release today 

10/9/20: Awaiting fix to XSD. 


Data specification overview

We are reviewing the data model and associated specification items. We have arranged available items according to status:

  • Available for consultation: we will announce when these are available and update this page.
  • Under consideration: items may rely on another item being consulted or reviewed
  • Not under consultation: may be required for a discrete collection, or subject to statutory requirements

Visit the Data specification overview

Student - Data Futures coding manual

The current version of the Data Futures coding manual provides access to:

  • Overview of the record
  • Collection specification
  • Collection specification guidance

Access the Student - Data Futures coding manual

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