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66803 Off venue activity: entity requirements


HESA invited Statutory Customers, health organisations and providers to a workshop on 20 January 2020. The first session focussed on understanding how medical placement data was collected and returned by providers and to tease out the requirements from the health organisations. The aim was to attempt to standardise and combine data collections to give quality data to those that have a strong requirement for it, and to reduce the burden for those collecting it.

The second session went through any of the outstanding items from this entity that have arisen through iterations and the evolution of both the data model and the specification.

66803 off venue activity: entity requirements consultation

This consultation will take you through the discussions of the meeting including any follow-up activity with the Statutory Customers.

For reference, please find below the items available for consultation:

  • Proposal to remove statutory clinical placements from the coverage of Data Futures
  • Changes to activity type identifier (ACTTYPEID)
  • Removal of Postcode in off venue activity location
  • Removal of off venue activity location entity – country to be absorbed into off venue activity entity
  • Remove ‘Paid and Unpaid Work Placements’ from the coverage of host identifier type (HOSTIDTYPE)
  • Returning placement activity that is under 20 days
  • Allow for placement data up to 20 days to be returned either side of the student course session

Consultation is now closed; thank you for your responses.