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74710 Curriculum data consultation

As communicated in Data Futures: programme update, Data Futures will not be going live in 2019/20. As part of the work, we are reviewing the data model and associated specification items: our data specification overview provides a list of available items according to their status.


In response from feedback from providers, the way we had structured the curriculum wasn’t reflecting the way they hold it in their systems. This was causing an increase in complexity in managing and maintaining the data they would have to submit in Data Futures. 

Phase 2: amended option B

Out of the two options proposed, option B was the strong preference for the majority of students (fully flexible and postgraduate research students as the exception to this preference).

However, a slightly amended option B was also proposed.

As part of our transparent approach, we want to consult further with providers as to whether they would prefer the original option B, or the amended option B.

Phase two of the consultation is now available on our online platform, and we will only accept online responses. We expect one response per organisation.

This consultation consists of two main questions: we have included a PDF of the original scenarios for context in the consultation. 

We are seeking responses by Friday 18 October.

74710 curriculum consultation phase two: give us your views

We have included the downloadable PDFs of all scenarios 1-11 available in phase one for context in this consultation:

74710 scenarios 1-11 (PDF)

Cross-organisational response

The ‘save later’ option, also allows multiple users from one organisation to engage with the consultation. Once you click the ‘save later’ option you will receive a unique link. 
Please ensure that you read all of the information supplied in each section before answering the questions.

Once the required questions have been completed, a ‘Finish’ button will appear at the bottom of the consultation. Pressing this will complete the consultation and send your responses for analysis. Please do not click through to finish until you are satisfied with all of your answers.

On completion, a copy of your responses will be generated as a PDF and sent to the email address you entered at the beginning of the consultation.

Consultation phase one: summary of results

Phase one of the consultation considered alternative ways of structuring the curriculum data, to explore if there could be a better model for providers, which still meets the statutory reporting requirements. This phase closed on 11 September; thank you for your responses

A summary report of phase one is now available to download:

Curriculum consultation phase one: summary of results


To assist organisations with their responses to phase one of the consultation, we hosted a series of webinars and events in conjunction with our statutory customers.

The England provider webinar from 19 August is now available.

Slide deck: Curriculum consultation webinar

Questions and answers from Curriculum Consultation events