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Data Futures: specification overview

Data Futures programme activity is continuing, with HESA and Jisc working closely with statutory customers to progress the programme in line with their requirements. Updates on the programme for sector contacts are planned between now and the summer. As with the data model release on 31 March, these updates will be for information only for the time being, and no action will be required by providers.

As part of the work, we are reviewing the data model and associated specification items. We have arranged available items according to status:

  • Available for consultation: we will announce when these are available and update this page.
  • Under consideration: items may rely on another item being consulted or reviewed.
  • Resolved specification items.


Specification items available for consultation
ID Description Summary of options Status
77754 Marital Status, Pregnancy and Maternity leave Proposal to collect these different student characteristics.

Update 27/3/2020: Consulation being drafted.

Update 13/01/2021: Agreed that this consultation is likely to be published soon, with a long time given for responses. 

89236 Cross Country Coding Frames Proposal to allow providers to return all the codes in the Religion and Ethnicity fields.

Update 27/3/2020: Consulation being drafted.

Update 13/01/2021: Working through the details of this consultation. Agreed that this consultation is likely to be published soon, with a long time given for responses. 

79501 2021 Census coding frames Changes may be required to align with the 2021 census categories when they are announced.

Not yet started.

Update 13/01/2021: Consultation being drafted and agreed that this consultation is likely to be published soon, with a long time given for responses. 


Specification items under consideration

The following items are under consideration for consultation:

ID Description Summary of options Status
102977 Scottish Candidate Number field The SCN field will be moved from the Engagement entity to the Student entity. The coverage statement previously referenced Engagement level fields, but now would sit better alongside related fields, such as the SSN and ULN, on the Student entity.  Awaiting the next coding manual release, at the end of January 2021. 
68649 GMC Assessment data The data items have been agreed for this, but it has not yet be implemented in the data model.

Awaiting pilot sessions with providers and aiming to be finalised in September 2020.

N/A Outcomes from the AOR major review There may be changes following the major review of the Aggregate Offshore Record. It is not yet known what these will be. Awaiting outcomes of the AOR review.


Resolved specification items
ID / description Outcome
74721: Full-Time Equivalence and how it can be returned

Initial ideas but no clear proposal as yet.

Update 27/9/19: This will be discussed at the Statutory Customer meeting in October. 

Update 15/1/20: Work has continued on recording the full-time equivalence with feedback from providers and Statutory Customers being taken into account. 

Update 27/03/2020: Consultation being drafted

Update 13/01/2021: In light of the ongoing pandemic and discussions in England regarding the burden review we have decided not to consult on this for the time-being, so are resolving the item. The proposed consultation is out of date and so our preference is not to request further provider input until we are clearer what we might want to ask. 

90907: Host Name field Update 28/05/20: The OffVenueActivity.HOSTNAME field is not needed by Statutory Customers, and has now been removed from the record in version 1.1.0 of the data model. 
66803: Off venue activity and what should be returned within the entity

Work has started on the GMC regulated students, but other areas still need considering, such as nursing placements, social work placements etc.

Update 28/8/19: We are establishing a working group with GMC, HEE and MSC (and others) to discuss their uses of placement data, primarily medical type placements. 

Update 27/9/19: This meeting has been arranged for October. 

Update 21/10/19: Unfortunately the meeting in October had to be cancelled. Looking to rearrange this for November. 

Update 15/1/20: The meeting has been arranged for 20 January, which will include representation from providers, GMC, HEE, MSC and HESA. It is expected that a wider consultation will be issued in February 2020.

Update 3/3/20: consultation now live.

Consultation now closed; thank you for your responses.

Update 30/3/2020: outcome document now available.

66803: off venue activity responses

74657: Identifying students that require a Welsh language version of the Graduate Outcomes survey

Update 15/1/20: There was a Welsh working group (for Graudate Outcomes) meeting being held on 25 November where this was discussed. 

Update 3/3/20: the formal request has been made for this change, which is now under assessment. 

Outcome document now available.

74657: outcome document

84423: module data

Update 27/03/2020: consultation responses now available.

84423: module data responses

58158: Returning Postgraduate Research Students and cost centre

Update 27/03/2020: consultation responses now available.

58158: Returning PGR and cost centre responses

74719: Definition of Student Registration

Update 27/03/2020: consultation responses now available.

74719: Definition of student registration responses

74808: on entry data

This consultation considered two ways of returning on-entry data to understand the preferences of providers.

Update 5/3/2020: consultation responses now available

74808 on entry data consultation responses

68649: Assessment data – GMC regulated students  Update 3/3/2020: Assessment data will be collected from providers regulated by the GMC. More details are available here: 
74993: Qualification category has multiple concepts Update 3/3/2020: Agreed to split out any multiple concepts in QUALCAT. Valid entries M0014, M0019, H0011, H0017, I0003, I0011 will be removed, and valid entry M0003 will be amended to "Masters degree that does not meet the criteria for a research-based higher degree"
70589: Collaborative provision type field and is code 03 needed? Update 3/3/2020: Code 03 is not needed in the Collaborative provision type field, and will therefore be removed. 
72490: Coverage of Qualification Awarded entity and is it correct? Update 3/3/2020: Coverage of the Qualification Awarded entity is correct as it is currently specified, i.e. this does include incoming and exchange students. However, module data was not required, so the coverage will amended to exclude them. 
30108: Religious Belief coverage – providers in Wales and England (for Northern Ireland)  Update 3/3/2020: This item is now superseeded with another item, looking more generally at the cross country coding frames in both the Religious belief field and the Ethnicity field. 
58409: Do we need a Location of Study code S equivalent? Update 3/3/2020: It was agreed that we do need an equivalent to the current LOCSDY S code - which will be a flag field on the Student Course Session. We also considered a reverse of code S, i.e. those who are on the AOR and come into the Student record but agreed not to include this. 
74712: Fee invoice and other fees data  Update 3/3/2020: Fee Invoice Amount will be amended to be closer to the Student record MSTUFEE field - i.e. submit one amount and the main source of tuition fees. 
70154: Closed Course coverage – providers in Wales Update 15/1/20: Closed course coverage will be updated to include providers in Wales. 
69992: Is the Year of Programme field needed? Update 15/1/20: It was agreed that the Year of Programme field would still be required in the model, for providers to return. However, providers would be allowed to return YEARPRG = 0 for Foundation Years. More details/guidance on this will be available soon. 
74711: Funding completion Update 15/1/20: It was agreed that the FUNDCOMP field would need to remain in the model and continue to be returned by providers. More guidance around this will be written soon. 

74710: Curriculum data requirements

Update: Curriculum consultation phase 2 report now available.

74994: Funding level field Update 27/9/19: Agreed in outcomes following the curriculum qualification that this field would be split out into two fields.
74713: Denormalisation of personal identifiers

Update 28/8/19: The personal identifiers entity will now be split out into separate fields in the model. 

Open 74713 outcome document

74766: Returning Financial Support against Student Registration and Student Course Session

Update 28/9/19: Update 28/8/19: The Financial Support entity will now only be linked to the Student Course Session. 

Open 74766 outcome document

74920: Returning Student fee or Student module fee

Update 28/8/19: Agreed in principle that providers will be allowed to return both Student fee and Student module fee, where this is applicable. 

Open 74920 outcome document

74672: QualificationAwarded.QUALRESULT coverage – providers in England

Update 28/8/19: This will now be added to the Student and AP Student records from 2020/21. 


74682: Impacts of a discrete collection: dates across the model

Update 28/8/19: All of the dates on the personal characteristics will now be removed from the model. 

Open 74682 outcome document

74714: Impacts of a discrete collection: Module Instance and Module Outcome

Update 28/8/19: These two entities will be combined into a single entity. 

Open 74714 outcome document

75700: Impacts of a discrete collection: Financial Support Scheme and Student Financial Support entities

Update 28/8/19: These two entities will be combined into a single entity. 

Open 75700 outcome document

74715: Impacts of a discrete collection: Definitions of Engagement and Student entities

Update 28/8/19: Agreed that the relationship between Student and Engagement would become a one to many mandatory link. 

Open 74715 outcome document

61732: Persistent HUSID

Update 28/8/19: The persistent HUSID field will be removed from the record. HESA will work to produce an approximate identifier to replace this. This will be included in data deliveries but will not be supplied back to providers. 

74808: Impacts of a discrete collection: Data required on entry

Update 28/8/19: There will be an 'Entry profile' entity created for all the data to be submitted about a Student on entry to an Engagement. 

Open 74808 outcomes document

75007: Financial support flag for access and participation commitments - providers in England Update 28/8/19: This will now be added to the Student record from 2020/21. 
74668: Parental Education coverage – providers in NI Update 27/9/19: This will now be added to the Student record from 2020/21. Coverage from providers in Northern Ireland will change to be: all full-time and part-time UK domiciled students. 
69146: Care Leaver coverage – providers in Northern Ireland Update 27/9/19: This will now be added to the Student record from 2020/21. Coverage from providers in Northern Ireland will change to be: all full-time and part-time UK domiciled students. 
74666: Students bringing in credit and APEL from other providers – providers in England Update 28/8/19: This will now be added to the Student record from 2020/21. 


If you have any further queries or feedback please email [email protected].