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Implementation and transition

The Data Futures Implementation and transition period began with the publication of the Detailed design output. We are now moving towards piloting the system and collection schedule via Alpha and Beta, prior to implementing the system sector-wide during the 2019/20 transition year. 

The approach is described below:

Data Futures transition timeline 2018

The student collection during the transition year (academic year 2019/20) will be run as a single annual return, using the new data format and the new HESA data platform before moving to the in-year mode of collection from August 2020 (the start of the first Reference period, RP1, for the following academic year 2020/21).

There will be a mandatory trial submission between January and March 2020, which will include submission of all students and courses for reference periods RP1 and RP2 (the period between August 2019 and end March 2020, with the new system open for input from January 2020).

This trial is designed to help identify any queries or concerns providers may have at an organisational or sector level, so that these can be addressed and resolved ahead of the in-year collection opening in August 2020.

The data provided will not be used for statutory purposes, but it will be made available to statutory customers for quality checking and to assess readiness. 

Once providers have completed the trial submission, they can begin submitting data to the live system. The HESA data platform academic year 2019/20 will finish at the end of July 2020, there will then be a period for providers to complete their submissions and sign off their 2019/20 data (covering Reference periods RP1, RP2 and RP3) by the end of September 2020.

Please note that the Initial teacher training (ITT) submission for academic year 2019/20 (C19053) will run on the existing platform from Autumn 2019 to July 2020. ITT will then transition to the new HESA data platform for academic year 2020/21.

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