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Data Futures: Mandatory trial submission

Between January and March 2020, we will require all providers to engage in a mandatory trial submission, comprising all of Reference period one (RP1) and Reference period two (RP2) data available, provided to a reasonably high quality.

You will be entering the data into a test version of the HESA data platform, which will be in a test environment. There will be a data entry tool available as part of this exercise.

Who will be taking part in the submission?

The mandatory trial applies to all providers who will be required to provide data to HESA in 2019/20 as part of their statutory requirements. The trial is intended to provide a thorough test to confirm the process and ensure readiness across the sector. We have worked on a collaborative and responsive basis, and this trial submission is intended to continue this practice, to identify any queries or concerns at an organisational or sector level.

As part of the trial, we will be seeking confirmation from senior management at all providers that they are ready for the 2020 collection (the start of the first Reference period, RP1, for the following year, academic year 2020/21). This confirmation is to signify readiness and is not to allow the data submitted to be used for dissemination purposes (e.g. regulatory, statistical or statutory).

HESA will be using the submission exercise and existing data on engagement with each provider to create an HEP readiness risk register, so we can ensure we provide adequate support where needed ahead of the 2020 collection. Please contact [email protected] if you require further information.

What will the submitted data be used for?

Data submitted as part of this trial won’t be used for statutory purposes, but will be provided to all statutory customers to assess readiness.

Will any training be available ahead of the trial?

By January 2020, many providers will have submitted data as part of the Alpha/Beta pilot phases. For those who haven’t participated in either pilot, training on the new HESA Data Platform will be available between November and December 2019, for up to two delegates per provider.

Please visit our Resources page for more explanation of key concepts.

The Student (Data Futures) coding manual is available in our Collections area – versioning and other updates are communicated to all Student Record, ITT, and AP contacts.

Get involved

  • The Data Futures programme will present multiple opportunities to get involved, provide feedback, and ask questions.
  • If you want to get in contact, please email.

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