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Collection Governance

Please note, the Collection Governance pages are still available for your reference but the consultation has now been closed. Please refer to the Codes of practice in the Data Landscape Steering Group for the most up-to-date information on data governance.

Building on the collection design project and the outcome of the Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Project's (HEDIIP's) new landscape project, Data Futures includes work to develop a governance model that will serve the broadest possible range of stakeholders and provide a trusted and transparent process.

There is significant overlap between these two strands of activity and this project will cover both areas.

The key objectives of this project are:

  • To develop a robust and widely supported approach to assessing the burden of HE data collections that can be applied to the governance of a range of current and future data collections
  • To develop an agreed model of governance for HE data collections that can be used by data collectors across the landscape
  • To develop an implementation of the model that meets the specific requirements of HESA including capabilities, process and models

Project management and oversight will be provided through the HESA Data Futures programme management structure, and input will be sought from the Data Landscape Steering Group (DLSG) Advisory Panel and from relevant stakeholder organisations.

We recommend you work through the content in the following order:


  1. Code of practice: Please note, the supply-side has not changed from the current guidance and is available for your reference, so we are specifically seeking feedback in particular on the demand-side code of practice
  2. Burden assessment: methodology page and a downloadable PDF
  3. Net burden explanation, available as a downloadable PDF

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Get Involved

  • The Data Futures programme will present multiples opportunities to get involved, provide feedback and ask questions.
  • You can join our JISCMail group for the latest updates and milestones.
  • If you want to get in contact with someone from our Data Futures team, please email.