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Engagement and programme governance

Further to our announcement on a revised approach and direction for the Data Futures programme we have updated our programme governance and approach.

Updated governance approach

To improve responsiveness and support robust decision making across the programme, we have revised our governance structure.

Data Futures governance diagram, represented by the Project Management office, Data Futures delivery Group, Programme director, Design Authority, programme board and quarterly programme review. Engagement and assurance feed into these structures.

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The existing HESA Data Futures Delivery Group (DFDG) has been revised to reflect the programme structure and will be attended by HESA and Jisc, with OfS as an observer in an assurance capacity.

The revised programme board is the key decision making group for Data Futures, meeting monthly and comprising representatives from statutory customers and sector groups.

The implementation of the Design Authority ensures that key design choices are assessed to ensure the solution meets the requirements (including non-functional requirements) and aligns with HESA’s design principles.

The new Quarterly Review Group will provide Board level oversight to support successful delivery of the Data Futures programme.

Data Futures Programme Board members

Paul Butler, Director of Information and Library Services, University of Greenwich, nominated member for UCISA

Paul Clark (Chair), Senior Responsible Owner, HESA

Trevor Cooper, Director of Higher Education, Department for the Economy NI

Karen Foster, Executive Director Data, Jisc

Matt McGowan, Director of Software Development, Jisc

Bethan Owen, Deputy Chief Executive, HEFCW

Rob Phillpotts, Managing Director of HESA Statutory Services, HESA

Kevin Pickess, Academic Registrar, University of Worcester, nominated member for ARC

Richard Puttock, Director of Data, Foresight and Analysis, OfS

Wesley Rennison, Director of Planning at University of Dundee and Chair of HESPA, nominated member for HESPA

Phil Richards, Chief Technology Officer, Jisc

Martin Boyle, Director – Policy, Insight & Analytics, Scottish Funding Council

Kyle Summers, Chief Technology Officer, HESA

Annette Vancil, Data Futures Programme Director, HESA

Michael Weatherup, HE Policy, DfNEI

Mark Wilson, Head of Finance, HESA

How you can be involved

At key stages in the programme, we will schedule workshops for providers and software suppliers. We will announce upcoming opportunities to our IDS contacts and via the HESA weekly update. If you are not a HESA operational contact, and would like to receive the weekly update each week you can opt in to receive the newsletter via our sign-up form; you can change your preferences at any time.

We will be working with sector bodies during key phases of the programme, through the Provider forum

Contact us

If you have queries or would like to provide feedback, please contact [email protected].