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Dissemination timeline

The 2017/18 collection for Graduate Outcomes is now closed. Whilst 18/19 data collection is already underway (see an overview of survey timings), HESA is now busy working to prepare the 17/18 data for delivery. Below is an outline of the timeline for the release of 2017/18 data, which is subject to change.


Dissemination timeline
(Timeline updated 2 April 2020)

Further information and updates

  • ‘Provider data delivery’ consists of the following:
    • HE providers will get the quality assured dataset for their graduates only. This is complete - view essential provider delivery information.
    • Statutory Customers will get the quality assured dataset for all (relevant) HE providers.
    • Timelines are subject to change but we will advise providers of any expected impact of COVID-19
  • HESA extended the deadline for feedback on coding of SIC and SOC from 6 December 2019 to 6 January 2020 and has now issued the outcomes of this assessment. Find out more.
  • The output specification and derived fields are now available in the Survey Results coding manual
  • The methodology statement details all aspects of our data collection, processing, statistical adjustment and weighting policy, alongside an overview of the survey's background and purpose. This was published on 30 March.
  • The ‘dissemination policy’ will set out HESA’s plans for sharing and publishing data and statistics.
  • Where no specific date has been added, one will be confirmed to operational contacts where possible. The dates for dissemination will be found on the Open Data area of our website. We will also update the timeline above.