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Graduate Outcomes steering group

Open centralisation includes a transparent approach to governance to maintain the confidence of funders and users of the survey, including HE providers.

A key aspect of this approach is the steering group that has been established to advise HESA through the implementation phase of the Graduate Outcomes survey, and into business as usual.

Terms of reference

  • Meet two times per year (or as required)
  • Steers (advises) the development of the survey
  • Works to ensure the survey meets the needs of customers by reflecting the views of groups represented
  • Provide challenge across all aspects of HESA delivery (fieldwork through to quality assurance, data delivery and Official Statistics outputs)
  • Provide HESA with access to expertise and ‘know how’
  • Works to promote the survey, including communicating its purpose, strengths, limitations and the appropriate use of the survey outputs.


The steering group reflect the diversity of the UK HE sector. The group includes both HE providers and HESA statutory customers and membership from:

  • Across all countries of the UK
  • HE providers of different sizes and type of provision
  • Different roles within HE providers, including planners and careers advisors.

Individuals on the group are drawing on their own knowledge and experience and that of their employing organisation to provide advice to HESA to support the successful implementation of Graduate Outcomes. Members are advising in the best interests of the HE sector.

Those listed below are members of the steering group (updated May 2022).

Representative Organisation
Abigail Woodham / Danielle Fitt / Jade Bird / Sedeek Ameer Welsh Government

Angela West / Elizabeth Heal / Emma Mock

Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

Anita Jackson HESPA
Anna Sherratt Office for Students
Arti Saraswat Association of Colleges
Ben Cooper / Elaine Boyes Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
Charlie Ball HECSU (Jisc)
Claire Callendar UCL Institute of Education and Birkbeck University

Elizabeth Bell

St Mary's University Twickenham

Ellen Cocking Open University
Gareth James ONS
Kathryn Heywood Jisc
Maria Josef Independent HE (IHE)
Matthew Andrews Association of Heads of University Administration / University of Gloucestershire
Matthew Bollington Department for Education
Michael MacNeill Department for Education (Northern Ireland)

Nicola Kivlichan

Edinburgh Napier University

Ravi Kumar

London School of Management Education

Rebecca Rice / Kenny Wilson Scottish Funding Council
Tom Kenny UKRI


Members of HESA staff

The steering group is chaired by Jonathan Waller, Director of Data & Innovation.

Meetings are held two times a year (or as required), although the group is likely to be asked to input via email more regularly. The membership is being kept under regular review.