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Information for FE colleges

HESA has overseen the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey since its introduction in 2002/03. We have recently conducted a major review of the data will collect on the activities and views of graduates, to ensure that we are collecting meaningful and robust information.

This review has led to us introducing a new survey to collect data on graduates: the Graduate Outcomes survey. The Graduate Outcomes survey will contact graduates around 15 months after they complete their studies. The first survey will run in December 2018, surveying graduates who completed their studies from August 2017 onwards. The new survey will:

  • Be run by a single, central survey operation
  • Be overseen by a steering group, which includes a representative from the FE sector
  • Use linked data (including salary data) to produce a more streamlined survey and a richer final dataset.

 You can watch a video overview of the key principles and implications of the new survey, or read more about our review and the Graduate Outcomes model.

Implications for FE colleges in England and Northern Ireland

All graduates receiving a recognised higher education qualification from an FE college will need to be surveyed. The surveying will be undertaken by the single survey contractor, who will also be surveying graduates from universities and other HE providers. FE colleges will be expected to:

  • Collect comprehensive and accurate contact details for their graduates. This includes all of the following:
    • A personal email address (i.e. not an institutional address)
    • A phone number
    • A postal address
    • Note: Where a student has more than one email address or phone number – you are advised to record all of them to provide the survey contractor with additional opportunities to contact the graduates.
  • Promote the Graduate Outcomes survey to current students and graduates. We will be making promotional materials available in December 2017 to support this activity.
  • Include information on the Graduate Outcomes survey in their student fair processing notice. We have provided some initial guidance on the data protection issues that will need to be covered.

HESA is currently working with the funding councils to determine the full implications of the transition to the Graduate Outcomes survey for further education colleges.

More information

Our website includes further information on Graduate Outcomes – please note that this information is subject to revision as we continue to develop the collection. Any questions about Graduate Outcomes should be directed to your relevant funding council in the first instance.