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Collection of contact details

Providers will need to collect and maintain accurate and comprehensive contact details for all of their graduates.

Contact details required

We will be publishing a full specification for contact details later in the year. But we expect providers to collect:

  • Telephone number. A minimum of one contact number will need to be returned, although we would strongly recommend providers capture a mobile and a home phone number.
  • Email. Providers will need to return a personal email address for graduates. We will allow institutional email addresses (such as alumni addresses) to be returned in addition to a personal one.
  • Postal address. A permanent home address should be returned as a failsafe should the other methods of contact prove unsuccessful. This can be a parental or guardian address.

Collecting and maintaining details

We have produced best practice guidelines that we expect providers to follow in order to ensure they are collecting and maintaining up to date contact details in an effective manner compliant with data protection regulations.

We expect that, at a minimum, providers should engage in the following activities:

  1. At registration
    It is important that when a student registers or (re-)enrols, you capture all the required contact information. You must also make sure the latest Student Collection Notice is available to students – this informs students that they will be contacted for the survey after they have graduated.
  2. Before completion of studies
    We expect all providers to conduct an exercise prior to students completing their studies ensuring that all contact details are up to date. Students will need to be proactively engaged with by providers – we will provide digital promotional materials to support this activity. Experience with other sector surveys and communication campaigns suggests this promotion is best handled by those within a provider who have direct relationships with students – such as academics or departmental/school administrators. We have produced a draft email you might find useful.
  3. Prior to the survey
    We expect HE providers to email all graduates shortly before they are due to undertake the Graduate Outcomes survey (so around 11-13 months after completing their studies). This email should serve both to promote the Graduate Outcomes survey and to provide a final opportunity for graduates to update their contact details. We will provide boilerplate text that you can use. This boilerplate text could sit within your own alumni newsletter or equivalent.