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Engagement plan

To aid providers’ communication with graduates, we’ve outlined the general engagement plan below that will be implemented for each cohort. See more information on survey timings (course end dates, contact periods and census weeks).

Engagement methods

A symbol depicting an email being received.

A symbol depicting a text message arriving on a phone.

A symbol depicting a ringing telephone.

The primary engagement method will be email - we will also send email reminders at regular intervals. Graduates will receive text messages (SMS) from ‘GradOutcome’ which also contain links to the online survey (where we have mobile numbers). Graduates will also receive phone calls from IFF Research (our contact centre) on behalf of providers.


As survey management is a fluid process, there may be additional or fewer reminders depending on how the survey is progressing. See more on response rates.

Week Milestone

Week 1

Survey fieldwork starts:

  • First online survey invitations sent to all graduates in the cohort (for those we have email addresses or mobile numbers)
  • Telephone calls commence for graduates where no valid email address exists
Week 2 Telephone interviews commence (and continue throughout the contact period) and first email and SMS reminders
Week 4/5 Second email and SMS reminders
Week 7/8 Third email and SMS reminders
Week 12/13 Final email and SMS reminders
Week 13 Survey fieldwork ends

More information

Encouraging the graduates who have started the survey to finish it is a key part of our engagement strategy. To share more about our approach, Neha (our Head of Research and Insight) has shared some key aspects of our engagement strategy.

Read 'from partial to complete' blog by Neha Argarwal