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Financial implications of Graduate Outcomes

Our NewDLHE model received significant support from across the sector in our final consultation. The only aspect for which support was more qualified was our financial model – primarily because most respondents felt they needed more information before they could comment.

Our proposed model states that the costs providers currently incur as part of the DLHE survey would be transferred to a new subscription model. Through the open centralisation of the survey, we would anticipate realising significant sector-wide efficiencies in the delivery of the new survey.

As a result of the responses to our consultation, we are now running a separate project to review the financial implications of the Graduate Outcomes record. This project is also assessing this in the context of wider changes to the higher education regulatory landscape brought about by the Higher Education and Research Act.

The next four months of the implementation phase will therefore focus on further development of the financial model. We anticipate being able to publish further information on this in the autumn, with a final decision on the new subscription model being made in December 2017.