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Response rate targets

In discussion with the Graduate Outcomes steering group, HESA has set the following response rate targets for Graduate Outcomes:

Target group Response rate target
UK domiciled full-time 60%
UK domiciled part-time 60%
Research funded 65%
EU domiciled 45%
Non-EU domiciled 25%

The above targets are applicable at a national, provider, undergraduate and postgraduate level. In addition to these, we will also monitor response rates for a range of socio-demographic and course characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity and course.

We understand the importance of good quality outputs for the sector as well as other users of our data. We will continuously monitor the progress of Graduate Outcomes against the targets set out above. We will employ robust research and statistical methodologies to ensure we are able to produce estimates that meet the required statistical quality standard as well as our users’ requirements.