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74719 Definition of student registration

As communicated in Data Futures: programme update, Data Futures will not be going live in 2019/20. As part of the work, we are reviewing the data model and associated specification items: our data specification overview provides a list of available items according to their status.


The current proposed definitions of the Engagement and Student Registration entities in Data Futures were designed to capture two distinct stages of contractual arrangements outlined in Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) advice on consumer protection law; offer stage and  student enrolment stage.

There are two changes which have led to the decision to re-visit these entities and their definitions:

  1. The timing of discrete collections means that the Student entity would not be returned without an Engagement or Registration (i.e. the entities have a mandatory link). 
  2. The revisions made to the Data Futures model for discrete collection include a change to the Engagement entity; many of the fields on Engagement are to be moved to a new Entry Profile entity.

This consultation is now closed; thank you for your responses. 

Read a summary of responses in the ‘Resolved specification items’ section of the specification overview page.