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HE-BCI C19032: Annual Update

HE-BCI C19032: Notification of changes

The following information outlines the changes to the HE-BCI record that will be implemented for 2019/20.  The full technical specification will be published in July 2020.

Changes to guidance


Additional statement to cover the new OfS regulatory categories.

The HE-BCI record is collected in line with statutory requirements from all HE providers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and in line with statutory requirements from all approved (fee cap) providers in England. These requirements are as detailed at

Table 2: Head 3 CPD

Under the section: The income from the following provisions should not be included in the HE-BCI record

To be included as an extra bullet point:

  • When a provider has devised and created CPD content that has been provided to a third party for delivery. Depending on the arrangement with the delivery partner it may be possible to record the income under consultancy or IP income, but delivery should be owned by the provider to be reported to HE-BCI as CPD.

Table 3: Head 2

Head 3: Courses for business and the community - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and Continuing Education (CE) (excluding pre-registration funded by the NHS or TA)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are defined as:

'Training programmes for learners already in work who are undertaking the course for purposes of professional development/up-skilling/workforce development.' For the purposes of reporting CPD for HE-BCI, this can include both credit and non-credit bearing courses.

Table 4 - Head 4

Additonal clarification to the guidance following feedback from a provider during the C18032 HE-BCI return.

From - 'Estimated external investment received' should include all investment received from external partners during the reporting period but exclude any investment from public schemes designed to support KE.

To - 'Estimated external investment received' should include all the investment received from the HEP and external providers during the reporting period but exclude any investment from public schemes designed to support KE.

Table 5

Guidance to be added to the table to confirm that number of attendees should be prorated where necessary as a sensible and transparent way to estimate proportions of large audiences, the main ones being on a per organisation basis for multi-organisation events, and a time basis for broadcasts.

Table 5: 3

Need to have regard to an exchange of knowledge i.e. The following types of events should be excluded from this Table: open days, Student Union activity, simple trading activity and commercially operated conferences, where University rooms have been rented by an external organisation for the purposes of holding a conference or event, as there is no exchange of university generated knowledge. If the provider is involved in the content of the conference so there is an exchange of university generated knowledge and it is open to the public to attend then it would be treated in the same way as public lectures and can be returned irrelevant of who is the organising body or if it is charged or not. Further activities where the primary purpose is widening participation or student recruitment should not be returned either.

Table 5: Head 2e Other

Where the HEP holds alternative public events which cannot be categorised under Sub-heads a - d, it is requested that these events are returned under ‘Other’ and that details of the nature of these events are listed in the free text cell located beneath Table 5 on the Excel spreadsheet. For example festival events, guided tours, fashion week, non-provider owned museum and gallery exhibitions. In case of a query whether an event should be included please contact the Liaison team at HESA with details (

Staff time when presenting at conferences should be rounded to the nearest day, rather than returning a certain number of hours. If there are multiple attendees presenting at a conference, the hours of each member of staff may be counted. If a staff member attends a whole day of a conference but their keynote speech is only a couple of hours, they may count the entire day.

HE-BCI Part A – Question 11

From - 'Note that the ‘total number of members on governing body’ is not the sum of the last three options as academic and other staff are not included in the return.'

To - 'Note that the ‘total number of members on governing body’ is not the sum of the last three options, as the total figure should also include academic and other staff.'