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Initial Teacher Training 2023/24 (C23053) Notification of Changes

Published: 31/01/2023

Last updated: 10/05/2023

This page summarises the changes to the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) record that will be implemented for 2023/2024 (C23053).

Guidance/ format change

The schema, coverage, and guidance for Student.EXPECTEDENDDATE will be updated to reflect that this will be a required field for all students. The minimum occurrence of the field will be changed from 0 to 1.

This change will ensure that providers can view their trainees by their estimated end academic year to check data and award QTS. It will also mean the Department for Education (DfE) will be aware at what stage a trainee student withdraws, or if trainees qualify late. Additionally, this information will be used to inform policy and prevention of withdrawals.

Removal of the following valid entries:

  • 001 - Abridged ITT course
  • 009 - Maths and Physics Chairs programme
  • 011 - Primary mathematics specialist
  • 019 - Additional ITT place for PE with a priority subject
  • 025 - Transition to Teach

These valid entries will be removed as they are no longer active initiatives and no longer need to be monitored by the DfE. The guidance will be updated accordingly.

Addition of the following valid entry:

  • 036 - International relocation payment

The field name for ITTCOMDATE will be amended to 'TRAINEESTARTDATE' to align with the field name held in the DfE Register trainee teachers service. This field indicates the date the student commenced their ITT course where this is different to the start date as recorded in Student.ITTSTARTDATE.  

The coverage of the field will also be amended to be: All students where Student.ITTSTARTDATE field does not record the date on which they commenced their ITT course.

The following HECoS codes will be added to the SBJCA field:

  • 100513 - Teaching English as a foreign language
  • 101169 - Japanese languages

 These are subjects referenced in the DfE funding guide as eligible for bursaries.

Update to 'Primary ITT programmes' guidance:
The guidance will be updated to clarify that trainees on all primary level courses will need to be returned as ‘primary teaching’ for the main subject. Any courses ‘with subject x’ should have that subject added as an additional subject. 

The subject ‘101085 - specialist teaching’ will be removed. ‘Primary with Maths’ should now be reported with ‘primary teaching’ for the first subject, and ‘maths’ for the second subject.

As a result, the following lines will be removed from the guidance - 'Where a trainee is a Primary Maths Specialist (Student.INITIATIVES=011), CourseSubject.SBJCA must be coded 101085.' and '101085 'Training teachers - specialist' is valid for Primary Maths specialists only.'

The following valid entries will be removed:

  • 003 - BSc/Education
  • 004 - BSc Hons /Education
  • 005 - BTech/Education
  • 006 - BTech (Hons) /Education
  • 007 - BA/Education
  • 008 - BA (Hons) /Education
  • 400 - First Degree

These valid entries are no longer required by the DfE and are covered by existing valid entries.

The following new valid entries will be added:

  • BSc with intercalated PGCE
  • Master of Mathematics (MMath)
  • Master of Research (MRes)
  • Master in Science (MSci)
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)

The guidance will also be updated to clarify the return of Higher degree and Degree equivalents.

The list of valid entries will be updated to include only providers that have, or previously had, degree awarding powers.

The following valid entry will be added:

  • 9065 - Council for National Academic Awards

The following existing valid entry will be removed:

  • 900010 - Not applicable/not available

The following valid entries will be added:

  • Not available
  • Establishment does not have a URN

The following changes will be made to two existing valid entry labels:

  • C - 'Troops to Teachers undergraduate bursary' to 'Veteran Teaching undergraduate bursary'.
  • 6 - 'No Bursary awarded' to 'No bursary, scholarship or grant awarded'.


A new valid entry has been added:

  • 'Grant'

This is to ensure that the field covers all funding available. This is expected to be used for teaching trainees on School Direct Salaried and Apprenticeship Postgraduate routes.


The following Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) codes will be added to the ‘Subjects eligible for the bursary’ section of the guidance:

  • 100381 - Environmental sciences
  • 101017 - Food and beverage studies
  • 101169 - Japanese languages
  • 101165 - Chinese languages
  • 101192 - Arabic languages
  • 100333 - Welsh language
  • 100406 - Statistics
  • 100513 - Teaching English as a foreign language

Fields added

This field will be added to capture the date the course officially starts. This field will be used alongside TRAINEESTARTDATE (formerly ITTCOMDATE) which captures the date the student actually starts the course.

DfE require both the course start date and the date the student actually starts the ITT course as it provides information on whether a student started late, the length of the course and information required for funding.

The Teacher Analytics Division, responsible for the ITT Census and Performance Profile publication, will use the TRAINEESTARTDATE for their analysis, or ITTSTARTDATE in its absence.

This field will be added to collect the six digit application ID that is allocated to each application made through the Apply for teacher training service. It currently only contains numbers but may in future contain other types of character. This field will not be needed for trainees who did not apply via the Apply for teacher training service. 

The addition of this field will help the DfE understand outcomes for ITT applicants and trainee teachers. 

You can read more information about this field.

Fields removed

This field will be removed as the number of days is not required by DfE and has been identified as an area to reduce burden.

The DfE have also identified that providers are not currently returning all placement data and reducing the burden is seen as one way to increase data quality.

This field will be removed as the DfE no longer require data on non-ITT activity.

Please note, although not required for the ITT collection, COMDATE is a required field for the Student returns.

This field will be removed as the DfE no longer require this data through HESA. All awards of QTS or withdrawals from QTS will be reported directly in the register trainee teachers online service.

This is to improve the data quality and make it easier for providers to report awards and withdrawals at any point.  This information will also be used to inform policy to prevent the withdrawals of trainee teachers.