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NewDLHE: Destinations and outcomes review

Between July 2015 and June 2017, we conducted a major review of our destinations and outcomes data, referred to as the NewDLHE review.

Update June 2017: The NewDLHE review is now complete. We are implementing the review's recommendations as part of our new Graduate Outcomes collection.

Read about the Graduate Outcomes collection

The NewDLHE review drew on extensive collaboration with experts from the HE sector and beyond, and has designed a new model for collecting information about what higher education (HE) students do after graduation. This model will capture rich, robust and comprehensive data using a more efficient and future-proof methodology. You can view in detailed the principles underpinning the model.

Following the completion of the review, we are now implementing the Graduate Outcomes collection. The first survey of graduates is planned to take place in December 2018, with the first data published in January 2020.

About the review

The review’s scope included the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, the Longitudinal DLHE survey, and contextual data within other data collections.

Further information on the reasons for the review, and its scope, are available in our remit for a fundamental review of information needs.

The review comprised a strategic and a working group, with defined terms of reference:


We ran two consultations to gather input into our plans. Our first consultation ran in the summer of 2016 and invited respondents to comment on the top-level principles behind collecting outcomes data. Our second consultation on our detailed model ran between March and April 2017, and received nearly 200 responses.

The final model

We have published the key principles underpinning our final model. We are now working on the practical implementation of this model.