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Unistats 2021/22 (C21061): Notification of changes


The KISCourse.TITLE and KISCourse.TITLEW fields are now required to be returned for all courses. This is a change from previous years where these fields were optional to return where KISCourse.KISAIM equaled 025, 026, 027, 039, 044, 045, 083, 085 and 086. Suggested course titles have been added to the KISCourse.TITLE and KISCourse.TITLEW fields for these course qualification aims. This change will allow all courses to be submitted with course titles, enabling better quality and consistent course information to be displayed on the Discover Uni website. 

The schema will be updated for KISCourse.TITLE to enforce the return of course titles for all courses. The schema for KISCourse.TITLEW will remain the same, and the return of Welsh course titles will be enforced through validation.