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Unistats 2022/23 (C22061): Notification of changes

Published 20 December 2021

This document summarises the changes to the Unistats record that will be implemented for the C22061 collection year. 

Valid entry F – ‘Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) – NCTL funded’ will be removed as it is no longer used.

The Office for Students are considering the addition of a new field within the Location entity. 

Currently, it is not possible for users of Discover Uni to search for courses offered by a provider that is listed with multiple trading names under one UKPRN, or courses offered by a provider that forms part of a group. Such providers do not appear in the drop-down list of providers on the Discover Uni website. 

If added to the C22061 specification, the new field can be used by providers, where applicable, to flag that the location returned in the Location.LOCNAME or Location.LOCNAMEW fields should be listed separately in the search drop-down on the Discover Uni website. This field should not be used to flag where the Location.LOCNAME refers to another site of the same institution. 

The outcome of the OfS' decision on the addition of this field and consequently any further guidance on the use of this field will be provided in early 2022.

Update 8 March 2022

OfS have confirmed that a new field will not be added for the C22061 collection.

The Office for Students is considering asking all Further Education Colleges to return HECoS codes instead of LDCS codes for new courses, with a view to implementation this change for the C23061 collection in 2023. This is to allow for the development of enhanced search functionality on the Discover Uni website, to ensure potential applicants searching for their courses get more relevant results.

The Office for Students will be working with Further Education Colleges to understand the impact of this potential change in early 2022.  This will include to identify if there is guidance that can be provided which will make this change easier to manage.

For the C22061 collection, Further Education Colleges are able to return LDCS codes, but encouraged to include the HECoS codes in their returns for new courses wherever possible

From the C22061 return, the Unistats return should be submitted by the registering provider. 

An updated version of the Subcontractual and collaborative provision document will be made available in early 2022 to align the guidance for all providers.

Please note, providers were initially notified of this change on 14 April 2021.