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Unistats 2023/24 (C23061): Notification of changes

Published 14 December 2022

This document summarises the changes to the Unistats record that will be implemented for the C23061 collection year.

The Office for Students is asking all Further Education Colleges to return HECoS codes instead of LDCS codes for new courses. This is to allow for the development of enhanced search functionality on the Discover Uni website, to ensure potential applicants searching for their courses get more relevant results.

For the C23061 collection, Further Education Colleges can no longer return LDCS codes, but must instead return the HECoS codes in their returns for new courses.

Schema change required to increase the field length of LOCID to 50 characters to enable closer matching to VENUEID in 22056 and ensure consistency across collections.

The TTCID valid entries will be amended for 23/24 to align with those that will be reported by providers as part of the Data Futures student record.

LOCNAME should be the name of the teaching location, not the name of the provider or the city or town. For example a HESA University course taught at the university's main campus should be ‘Main campus’ rather than ‘HESA University – Main Campus’ or ‘Cheltenham’.

LOCNAME should not contain the name of the provider unless the course is being delivered on the site of another provider. For example if a HESA University course is being delivered by Poppleton University, it is acceptable for LOCNAME to be ‘Poppleton University Main Campus’.

If LOCNAME is not the name of a teaching location it should contain the word ‘campus’, ‘site’ or similar, e.g. ‘Cheltenham Campus’.

It is anticipated that the results of NSS 2023 and the TEF 2023 outcomes for participating providers will be included in the dataset.