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2006/07 Graduates - Where are they now?

Key findings from the HESA Longitudinal survey of 2006/07 Leavers from Higher Education Institutions are published today. A sample of leavers from 2006/07 who completed the early destinations survey were asked what they were doing three years later on 29 November 2010.

The full report, including useful summary tables and charts, is available for free on the HESA website.

Summary of respondents' activities

A higher proportion of UK domiciled leavers from 2006/07 were working after three and a half years, compared with the situation after six months. A lower proportion were studying or unemployed:

Activities of 2006/07 leavers (UK domicile)
Activity After 6 months After 3½ years
Full-time paid work only (incl. self-employed) 58.4% 72.3%
Part-time paid work and voluntary/unpaid work 8.6% 8.8%
Work and further study 10.6% 5.3%
Total working 77.7% 86.4%
Further study only 12.8% 6.5%
Assumed to be unemployed 4.7% 3.5%
All other 4.9% 3.6%
Source: HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Institutions 2006/07
Source: HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Longitudinal Survey 2006/07

Comparison with previous survey

The employment rate was lower for the class of 2006/07 than for respondents to the previous longitudinal survey (2004/05). At the 6 month survey stage, before the ‘credit crunch’ and recession, the class of 2006/07 had shown the highest employment rate ever recorded in the early Destinations of Leavers survey.

Activities 3½ years after leaving (UK & EU domicile)
Activity 2004/05 leavers 2006/07 leavers
Work only 82.8% 80.8%
Work and further study 6.7% 5.3%
Total working 89.5% 86.1%
Further study only 5.7% 6.8%
Assumed to be unemployed 2.6% 3.6%
All other 2.2% 3.5%
Source: HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Longitudinal Survey 2004/05
Source: HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Longitudinal Survey 2006/07

Other survey findings for UK domicile leavers after 3½ years

  • 84.2% of leavers reported being satisfied with their careers to date
  • 70.4% thought the HE course they completed in 2006/07 had been good value for money
  • 76.5% said their HE experience had prepared them well for their career
  • 85.4% of those in employment said their qualification had been helpful, important or necessary to get their current job
  • The median salary of leavers in full-time paid employment in the UK (excluding self-employed) was £25,000, compared to £20,000 at the six month survey.

View the full results

The full report, including extensive introduction and all data tables, is available free of charge here.

Results of earlier surveys covering leavers from 2002/03 and 2004/05 are aslo available from the above link.

Notes for editors

  1. Press enquiries should be directed to:
  2. The Survey was carried out during winter 20010/11 by IFF Research and commissioned by the following higher education funding bodies:
    • Higher Education Funding Council for England
    • Scottish Funding Council
    • Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
    • Department for Employment and Learning (Northern Ireland)
    • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
    • Research Councils UK
  3. The Survey was completed by 49,065 leavers who had previously completed the Destinations of Leavers survey six months after graduating. The six month survey was completed by 332,110 leavers out of 453,880 eligible qualifiers from the 2006/07 cohort.
  4. HESA cannot accept responsibility for any inferences or conclusions derived from the data by third parties.
  5. Definitions of the terms used in this press release can be found via the full report.
  6. Correction an item in the "Other survey findings" list stated that "46.9% of first degree leavers had gained a further postgraduate qualification since graduating". This was removed on Friday 02 September. 46.9% of first degree leavers who had gained a qualification since graduating had gained a postgraduate qualification.


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