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Higher Education Statistics for the UK – consultation summary

The purpose of the online consultation was to inform the proposed changes to the HESA National Statistics product Higher Education Statistics for the UK. We have committed to making our statistics more useful and accessible. We are therefore proposing to change the way Higher Education Statistics for the UK is published from 2017. In summary we propose to release all the same content free of charge in tranches throughout the year as each stream of data becomes available.

The consultation was published on 11 August 2016 and closed on 8 September 2016. Overall, 37 responses were received. 

The consultation demonstrated a high level of support for the proposals and we shall therefore proceed in implementing them. Since the proposed changes continue to provide existing users with all the information they have been accustomed to using, but in an earlier timeframe, HESA will implement the changes from the 2017 edition of the product.

The first batch of content from Higher Education Statistics for the UK will therefore be published in February 2017, with the remaining batches published as per the publications schedule.

Further details can be found in the full consultation summary

Any further suggestions or comments about this product should be sent to [email protected]



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