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HESA organisational changes

To continue to develop the service we offer across the UK and to meet the requirements of HESA as the Designated Data Body for England we have been making some changes to our internal structure.

Our designation as the data body under the Higher Education and Research Act (HERA) requires us to create more division between those activities that are conducted through our statutory role and our other business.

We have taken this opportunity to carefully think about how we support Graduate Outcomes, develop and absorb Data Futures and meet the needs of a subscriber base growing in complexity and volume.

To meet these needs, we have restructured HESA as follows:

A graphic displaying the HESA Executive team structure.

HESA Statutory Services

Managing Director – Rob Phillpotts

This Group will continue to work on behalf of the sector collecting, processing and disseminating data collected under statutory powers. This covers all such activity across the UK.

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Collection Operating and Performance, this team includes the ever-popular Liaison and Training teams
  • Official Statistics
  • Research & Insight
  • Service Development

HESA Enterprise

Managing Director – Karen Foster

This Group will focus on the production and sale of products and services to customers to drive value from HESA data and support innovation and development across HESA. As a Group in its infancy there is likely to be a high degree of change and the term HESA Enterprise may not be around for long – watch this space for exciting developments.

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Data Intelligence
  • Product, including product development
  • Customer Success
  • Sales & Marketing


Our Core Group will enable and drive the HESA business. As the team who are accountable for the activities underpinning HESAs main business units this HESA Core is divided into smaller Groups:

Data & Innovation Group

Director, Jonathan Waller

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Policy & Development
  • Solutions Development

Technology Group

Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Crossley

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Software Development
  • IT
  • Systems Architecture

Corporate Affairs Group

Director & Company Secretary, Deborah Lawrenson

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Company Secretary
  • Corporate Communications

Legal & Compliance Group

General Counsel & Data Protection Officer, Claire Morris

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Information Security
  • Information Compliance (including Data Protection team)
  • Legal Council

Corporate Services

Chief Operating Officer, Doug Sparrow

Teams included in this Group are:

  • Finance
  • People & Organisational Development
  • Enterprise change
  • Delivery & Performance
  • Service Desk




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