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£8.3 billion income from HE tuition fees in 2010/11

Finances of Higher Education Institutions 2010/11 shows that students' higher education tuition fees contributed £8.3 billion to the income of UK HE institutions. £2.9 billion of this income came from non-EU domicile students' tuition fees.

The chart below shows, for each country of the UK, the proportion of tuition fee income from different kinds of students. The differing profiles of each country reflect, among other things, the different fee regimes in each administration. The chart is taken from the online introduction to Finances of Higher Education Institutions 2010/11 and based on data from Table F.

Income from HE Course Fees

Finances publication

Finances of Higher Education Institutions 2010/11 contains 12 tables of income and expenditure data at institution, regional and national level from the HESA Finance Statistics Return. Finances of Higher Education Institutions 2010/11 is available to purchase and instantly download from our website.

Further financial statistics from the HE Business and Community Interaction Survey will be published on 24 May 2012. A full schedule of all HESA releases for 2012 can be found here.

Notes for editors

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  2. HESA Finance data is collected from all publicly funded Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the UK, plus the University of Buckingham, which is a non-publicly-funded institution. The 2010/11 data covers 164 HEIs (130 in England, 11 in Wales, 19 in Scotland and 4 in Northern Ireland).
  3. Financial data relates to the institutions' financial year, i.e. 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011.
  4. The standard annual tuition fees for home and EU full-time undergraduate students in 2010/11 were £3,290 for institutions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and £1,820 for institutions in Scotland.
  5. Data on income from non-EU students' tuition fees is not broken down by mode or level.
  6. HESA cannot accept responsibility for any inferences or conclusions derived from the data by third parties.
  7. Definitions of the terms used in this press release can be found on-line.
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