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AP Student and DLHE records now included with Heidi Plus to all HESA subscribers

All HESA subscriber higher education (HE) providers can now access the alternative HE provider (AP) Student and AP Destinations of Leavers (DLHE) data via Heidi Plus

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This is part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of Heidi Plus so that UK HE can access the most current and useful data to help inform decision-making and planning.

All HESA subscribers now have immediate access to the data which is part of a new reciprocal offering within Heidi Plus where all HESA HE provider subscribers may use both the AP and HE institution Student and DLHE data. To date, 16 APs now have access to Heidi Plus with many more coming on board in the coming weeks.

There is no extra cost for HESA subscribers to access the AP Student and DLHE data via Heidi Plus.

In January 2018, the AP Student and DLHE records became a standard part of Heidi Plus. Access to these data sets within the Heidi Plus service are now provided to all HE APs that submit to these data collections, as part of their existing HESA subscription package. Heidi Plus for APs also provides access to the student and destinations data sets covering all publicly-funded HE providers.

"Heidi Plus is helping us become a better informed, better prepared education provider.” Oliver Sussat, ACM

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) is one of the first AP Heidi Plus users. Director, Oliver Sussat said: "Heidi Plus empowers us to know more about our own organisation and how we fit into the wider HE sector. It supplements our internal BI products to increase awareness of key metrics to do with student engagement and attainment, providing data to use as decision support. In this way, Heidi Plus is helping us become a better informed, better prepared education provider.”

Subscribing APs may also upgrade to the full suite of HE data sets including staff, estates and finances, at a cost of £2,000+VAT until 31 July 2019, for subscriptions taken out before 30 June 2018.

"Heidi Plus is a unique platform. It gives UK HE access to much of the definitive HE data collected annually by HESA, in a flexible, customisable format, including readymade dashboards," said Nicola Phelps, Head of Digital Services at HESA. "For measuring student acquisition or retention, business planning, or for your marketing needs, Heidi Plus is the gateway to HE intelligence."

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