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  • Transnational higher education: redefining TYPE

    Alex Green, Collections development analyst

    Alex Green

    Collections development analyst

    When we first designed the Aggregate Offshore (AOR) specification in 2007, there was limited agreement on the terminology used across the sector to define transnational education (TNE). In response, we used correspondingly broad definitions.

  • Relaunching major reviews: expanding the Student record

    Rachel Wilkes

    Collections Development Manager

    We have now relaunched our major review activity across data collections and we are working on the expansion of the Student record from 2024/25 onwards. This will mean changes to the Initial Teacher Training record and the Aggregate offshore record for providers in all nations. 

  • Staying on track: the Student 22056 interim submissions

    Melanie Ross

    Communication Officer

    We recently completed the May interim submission for the 22056 Student record. This is one of two interim submissions ahead of the statutory sign-off deadline in October 2023.

  • Improving our understanding of commercialisation with the HE-BCI dataset

    Hannah Browne

    Hannah Browne

    Lead Policy and Research Analyst

    What do we already know about knowledge exchange?

    Knowledge exchange (KE) commercialisation turns thoughts, ideas, and novel research into assets. Examples include new products, proofs of concept, and designs – all of which can be classified as Intellectual Property (IP).

  • HE provider environmental information 2021/22

    Press Officer

    65% of UK HE providers who submitted data saw reductions in their Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions in 2021/22.

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Graduate Outcomes 2020/21

    Lucy Van Essen Fishman

    Lucy Van Essen-Fishman

    Policy and Research Manager

    Compared to previous ‘pandemic years’, the 2020/21 Graduate Outcomes respondents were surveyed at a point when the impact of the pandemic on daily life was decreasing steadily.

  • Graduate Outcomes 2020/21: Summary Statistics - Summary

    Official Statistics

    Annual first release of graduate outcomes data for 2020/21.

  • Graduate Outcomes data and statistics 2020/21

    Press Officer

    90% of graduates who responded to the 2020/21 Graduate Outcomes survey were in some form of work or further study. 77% responded that their activity fit with their future plans. These cohorts graduated during the COVID-19 pandemic with the majority surveyed after restrictions had been lifted.

  • Who, what, when, and how - adding the 'where' to HE-BCI data

    Hannah Browne

    Hannah Browne

    Lead Policy and Research Analyst

    The current HE-BCI (Higher Education Business and Community Interactions) dataset helps us to answer only four of five questions: 

  • What happened to UK Performance Indicators?

    Jonathan Waller, Director of Information & Analysis

    Jonathan Waller

    Director of Data & Innovation

    UK Performance indicators have been discontinued, but you can find similar statistics published by the HE funding and regulatory bodies in each UK nation.