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New statistical measure of the design and nature of work developed from Graduate Outcomes data

HESA researchers have investigated the use of data from the annual survey to measure one aspect of job quality - as defined by the Measuring Job Quality Working Group formed following the Taylor Review.

The research fits in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of decent work for all and efforts by UK administrations to measure and promote fair work.

In its focus on graduate employment, the research also aligns with common policy goals for higher education. Each devolved administration aspires for graduates to enjoy fulfilling careers and to add value in the workplace through productive application of what they have learned.

The Graduate Outcomes survey asks employed graduates to rate their agreement with the three statements below, which are assigned a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree):

  • My current work is meaningful
  • My current work fits with my future plans
  • I am utilising what I learnt during my studies in my current work

The research found that taking an average of these three responses provides a useful composite variable that can act as a measure of the design and nature of work.

The research has been presented to experts in the field of employment and to the higher education sector. HESA will now seek further feedback on whether and how to use this new measure within its official statistics products.


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