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  • Happy Birthday Graduate Outcomes!

    Press Officer

    We have reached an important milestone on Graduate Outcomes – the new model and survey has turned one year old! Here we've provided an update, including the 2017/18 collection level response rates by target group.

  • Data Futures: design phase and programme update

    Press Officer

    Since its inception, the ambition of the Data Futures programme has always been to improve the way we collect, process and disseminate data in line with an evolving, transforming HE sector. With this understanding we are extending our design phase, continuing to work closely with Statutory Customers, UUK, GuildHE, IHE, UCISA, ARC, AHUA, HESPA, SROC, software suppliers and providers through our Programme and Sponsoring Board, Provider forum and directly.

  • New research shows reduction in the ‘graduate premium’

    Press Officer

    Joint research from HESA and the Department of Economics at Warwick University found graduates born in 1990 earned 11% more than non-graduates at age 26, compared to the 19% graduate premium enjoyed by graduates born in 1970.

  • Student Alternative record replaces AP Student record

    Press Officer

    The AP Student record has changed its name to the Student Alternative record.

  • HESA's data analytics team integrates with Jisc

    Press Officer

    Our data analytics team has joined Jisc to form a new data analytics directorate offering enhanced data analytics for the sector.

  • HE-BCI major review initiated

    Press Officer

    Project mandate and timeline published for major review of the Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) data collection.

  • Where we have come from, where we are going

    Rob Phillpotts

    Managing Director HESA Statutory

    Managing Director of HESA Statutory, Rob Phillpotts, discusses the background on Data Futures and our upcoming plans.

  • Asking graduates how they feel

    Neha Agarwal

    Neha Agarwal

    Head of Research and Insight

    Questions in the Graduate Outcomes survey about subjective wellbeing have sparked discussion and lots of queries from HE providers and researchers. This blog post adds to the discussion, and answers some of those questions.

  • Data Futures update July 2019

    Press Officer

    Data Futures programme update related to the scope and delivery timeframe for Data Futures

  • Have your say about the HESA Subscription Agreement

    Press Officer

    Today we have launched Phase 2 of the HESA Consultation.  This phase provides an opportunity to comment on the proposed new HESA Subscription Agreement.