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International Students' Day November 17th

First year non-UK domiciled students studying in the UK, 2013/14

In 2013/14, there were 236,580 first year non-UK domiciled students studying at UK HE providers. Nearly a quarter of these students came from China (there was a 4.0% increase in the number of students from China in 2013/14 from 2012/13). The chart below shows the Top 20 countries of domicile in 2013/14 alongside a table showing the percentage change from 2012/13 to 2013/14. There was nearly a 20% increase in students from Italy in 2013/14 from 2012/13.

Heat map of the top 20 non-UK countries of domicile with the highest percentage of first year students in UK HE 2013/14

The majority of students within each domicile were studying taught postgraduate qualifications except within other EU countries where the majority were studying first degree qualifications.

Non-UK domiciled first year students by domicile and level of study, 2013/14

Over a fifth of first year non-UK domiciled students were studying at HE providers in London in 2013/14, this location was considerably more popular than any other location in the UK.

Heat map of non-UK domiciled first year students by region of HE provider, 2013/14

66.7% of first year non-UK domiciled students were studying non STEM subjects. The most popular subject of study by level of study are shown in the graphic below.

Most popular subject of study

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Students studying wholly overseas

In 2013/14, 636,675 students were studying overseas for UK qualifications. These students did not come to the UK but were either studying at overseas campuses, on joint courses with partner institutions or distance learning. The highest numbers of these students were studying in Malaysia and Singapore.

Heat map of students studying overseas by top 20 countries of activity percentage, 2013/14

The level of study varied between regions of provision, first degrees were the most common in all regions of provision except Australasia where postgraduate qualifications were more common.

For more statistics see our International study page.

Updated statistics for 2014/15 will be published mid-January 2016.


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