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Plans for future transformation of HESA data collection

HESA is excited to confirm its commitment to respond to the 'New Information Landscape' that is emerging from the work of the Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Programme (HEDIIP). Our aim is to deliver an updated and improved approach for HESA's collection and dissemination of UK-wide, comprehensive data and information resources about higher education.

Initially we are looking to develop a Business Case to identify, for HESA and our many stakeholders in the sector, the cost: benefits and next steps to achieve UK-wide improvements and changes that will enable HESA to take forward the opportunities that emerge from the "New Information Landscape" blueprint. We have looked to the main sector funders for support and are pleased at this stage to have confirmation from HEFCE that they will provide funds to enable the development of the Business Case. This will act as a gateway to major investment in future phases of a transformation programme, which we expect to focus initially on the student record. The programme will be designed to achieve relevant, more timely data, using systems that are technically future-proofed, flexible and that interface with information management systems across the sector.

We are looking forward to working closely on this initiative with higher education providers, those who commission our data, and our broad base of users as well as HEDIIP and others with an interest in HESA. There will be further communication as the work is initiated. While the Business Case is planned for delivery in the spring, this is a major programme of work that we are looking forward to pursuing over the medium term for the benefit of all.

In the meantime if you have any preliminary questions please contact us.

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