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Data Futures in-year data collection update

The Office for Students has now published part one of the burden review outcomes. This includes a change to the Data Futures in-year collection date; please refer to the full report on the Office for Students website for more information:

View the OfS burden review outcomes (part one)

In-year collection will begin for the 2024/25 collection. The Office for Students have made the decision to delay the first collection of in-year data until 2024/25 so that providers are able to learn from the 2022/23 return using the Data Futures model. This delay will also help reduce the peak of work during the autumn of the transition to in-year data as providers will benefit from the experience of making the year end return in the previous year.

In-year collection requirements are confirmed as two individualised student data collections a year.

This approach has also been agreed by the Devolved Administrations, to help maintain a UK wide approach to the collection of student data.

Our approach to in-year testing, including timescales and requirements for provider input will be shared as soon as possible.

2022/23 annual collection

The Data Futures data model will be implemented as planned in 2022/23, with the year-end collection of student data signed off by providers in autumn 2023 submitted on the basis of the new data model. We are continuing to work with providers on the Beta pilot with provider engagement ramping up. Further information can be found on our Beta phase webpage.

2023/24 annual collection

The 2023/24 collection will be an annual collection, and the coding manual will be issued once the second part of the burden review outcomes are published.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries about the 2022/23 collection. Please direct queries about the burden review outcomes to the Office for Students.


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