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Higher Education Provider Data: Finance 2022/23

Total income for the UK higher education sector in 2022/23 was £51.6 billion, excluding eight HE providers who did not finalise their financial data by the publication deadline.

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Tuition fee income of £27.0 billion accounted for 52% of total income for the 292 HE providers included in the data. Income from non-UK domicile students’ HE course fees came to £11.8 billion – 23% of the total income. 12% of HE providers’ income was from funding body grants and 14% from research grants and contracts.

Total expenditure for the sector was £48.6 billion, with staff costs accounting for 51% of expenditure. Expenditure through academic departments was £17.8 billion, of which 62% represented academic staff costs and 15% other staff costs.

Other information in today’s release includes balance sheet data showing total reserves of £65.1 billion and capital expenditure data showing £4.6 billion total spend for the year.

Further tables show providers’ sources of income, categories of expenditure, cash flow, and senior staff pay.


  1. Data for HE providers in England is collected by the Office for Students. Data for HE providers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is collected by HESA (part of Jisc).
  2. Finance data for eight HE providers was not finalised by the cut-off date for publication and are not yet included in the 2022/23 finance open data. Data for these providers will be included in a future update to this release. 
  3. Different HE providers use different financial year-end dates. The 2022/23 data includes providers with year-end dates of 31 August 2022 to 31 July 2023. 
  4. See Definitions: Finances for full definitions of terms used in the release and explanation of the coverage of statistics.  
  5. See Finance data user guide for guidance on using and interpreting Finance open data on the HESA website.
  6. To fully analyse the finances of an individual HE provider please refer to that provider’s own published financial statements. 
  7. See Upcoming data releases for a schedule of Official Statistics releases from HESA. 
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