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Issue tracker

We launched a beta version of our new website on 1st September. We have a list of further functionality we'd like to introduce - and we'll be writing more about that soon.

We recognise that our new site is not the finished article and that not all the functionality is working as it should. This page records some of the outstanding issues we are working on. If there's something missing that you think should be included, please let us know.

Issue Status Date raised Date resolved
The link from the coding manuals to the Quality rules is not displaying the correct filtered view. We've found a manual solution to this which works for C15051, C15054, and C16053. We are working on solving this issue across the site as a matter of urgency. Open 1 September 2016 Partial resolution (10:30am 1st Sept)

High priority: When you sort the coding manuals by field name, the data items links are broken. This has been raised with our developers to resolve urgently. In the meantime, you can use ctrl+f to search the field description view for the relevant field name.

Update 2 Sept: We believe we have solved this issue and are carrying out tests on our development site. We hope to be able to release this fix by Monday 5 Sept.

Update 5 Sept: We believe this is now resolved. If you experience further problems, please get in touch.

Resolved 1 September 2016 5 September 2016

XML data entry tool: links within the tool to fields within the coding manual are not working. We have prioritised the open C15054 collection, and the majority of the links for that should work. The remaining links will be fixed shortly.

Update 2 Sept: Links within the AP student xml data entry tool are now working. Contact us if we need to prioritise any of the other tools.

Resolved 1 September 2016 2 September 2016

High priority: Some links from the coding manuals to resources held elsewhere on our website aren't working. Our technical team are working to resolve this. There is a (non-ideal) manual solution. Links will appear in the form If you remove 'collection/c16061/' the link will work (the same is true of any other collection name).

Update 2 Sept: We believe we have solved this issue and are carrying out tests on our development site. We hope to be able to release this fix by Monday 5 Sept.

Update 5 Sept: We believe this is now resolved. There remains a problem with 'smart' redirects (these will contain a { in the url) - for which, see below.

Resolved 1 September 2016 5 September 2016
The switches we apply to quality rules are currently not outputting correctly. We have made progress in fixing this issue, but full functionality is not yet working. Resolved 5 Sept. Resolved 1 September 2016 5 September 2016

The schema components links within each data item are taking you to a 404 error page. We are looking into a global fix for this. In the meantime, you can manually edit the URL to get to the correct page. The broken URL will appear in the form:

The correct URL is: 

So we remove the /a in the address.

We will update this page when we have resolve this issue.

Resolved 8 September 2016 12 September 2016

The Download to csv functionality offered in the 'Valid entries and labels' box in the coding manuals has not currently been carried across. We are working to migrate this functionality.

Update 15 Sept: We have now recreated the download as csv functionality for valid entries. We have released this in beta format as we know there is strong demand for it. Apologies if you encounter any problems using it - please let us know and we will continue to develop it.

Resolved 2 September 2016 15 September 2016
Coding manual pages are printing incorrectly on some browsers. The coloured bar that should sit at the top of the page is appearing in the centre of the page obscruing some of the text. Open 21 September 2016 30 September 2016
The site search is not indexing the coding manuals (the technical documenta;tion which supports the data submission process). This is because that documentation is produced in another system. The resources to support the submission process can be found here. Open 1 September 2016  
'Smart' redirects used within the coding manuals are not working (more information here [note - this links to the error page you will encounter if you click on one of the links]). Open 1 September 2016  
Old versions of the coding manuals are not currently included in the site. This does not impact on any open collection. Open 1 September 2016  
Anchors linking to sections within a webpage are not working (these will have a # in the url). You can navigate to the content you need by scrolling down the page. Open 20 September 2016  
If you view a schema errors in the Data collection system, the link through to the coding manual is broken. It correctly displays the data items list, but if you try to click through to any individual data item, the link does not work. We are looking to fix this problem as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can access the coding manual you require through the Data collection link on our website.  Open 3 October 2016