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UK Performance Indicators in higher education
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Guide to UKPIs
Summary tables and charts
Notes to tables
Definitions of terms
Changes to the UKPIs
Widening participation of under-represented groups (tables T1, T2)
Widening participation of students who are in receipt of DSA (table T7)
Non-continuation rates (including projected outcomes) (tables T3, T4, T5)
Non-continuation rates - technical details (tables T3)
Projected outcomes - technical details (tables T5)
Module completion rates (table T6)
Research output (table R1)
Employment of leavers (table E1)

UK Performance Indicators provide comparative data on the performance of HE providers in widening participation, student retention, learning and teaching outcomes, research output and employment of graduates. They cover publicly-funded higher education providers in the UK and one privately funded institution, The University of Buckingham.

HESA produce the performance indicators on behalf of the following bodies:

    HEFCE      HEFCW

    SFC       DELNI

HESA has published the UK Performance Indicators since 2002/03. In previous years, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) published them on behalf of the four UK funding bodies. Indicators prior to 2002/03 are available from the HEFCE web site at

The specification for the production of the indicators is determined by the UK Performance Indicators Steering Group (UKPISG). The membership of this group is drawn from government departments, the funding councils and representative bodies. Enquiries regarding UKPISG should be directed to Mark Gittoes at HEFCE.

A fundamental review of the UK Performance Indicators was completed in 2013. For further information on the outcomes of the review please see Having invited comment on some preliminary actions proposed in an initial response to the fundamental review findings, the UK Performance Indicators Steering Group (UKPISG) has begun implementation of those actions following an analysis of feedback received from the sector. For further information on that feedback and UKPISG’s decisions please see:

UK Performance Indicators 2013/14: Widening participation and non-continuation rates published 25 March 2015 (09:30)
Employment indicators to be published 2 July 2015 (09:30).


Main tables and definitions Supporting documentation
Widening participation of under-represented groups (T1, T2).
Percentage of undergraduate students from state schools or colleges, specified
socio-economic classes and low-participation neighbourhoods.
Coverage of the UK Performance Indicators (UKPIs) and their purpose.
Widening participation of students who are in receipt of DSA (T7).
Percentage of undergraduate students who are in receipt of Disabled Students’
Guide to PIs
A "plain English" guide to what the PIs are and what they mean.
Non-continuation rates (T3, T4, T5).
Non-continuation rates of undergraduate students, including projected outcomes.
Summary tables and charts
A round-up of findings of this year's UKPIs.
Module completion rates (T6).
Pass rates of part-time undergraduate students at Welsh HE providers.
Notes to tables
Numbered notes which are referenced in the tables.
Research output (R1).
Four indicators of annual research output.
Information on changes to the UKPIs over the years.
Employment of leavers (E1).
Percentage of leavers who say they are working or studying (or both).
Technical information on how the benchmarks are calculated.


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