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HESA regularly updates/reviews its records in order to ensure it can respond to changes in the HE sector and therefore meet the requirements of its Statutory Customers and other users of the data. Changes to records might be made for the following reasons:

  • Changing Statutory Customer needs arising from new legislation, policy developments, funding model changes etc.
  • Changing Higher Education sector needs
  • Improving data quality
  • Reducing the accountability burden

Changes to HESA records are made following the completion of a record update/review process, of which there are three types:

Annual update process; This review type enables year on year changes to be made to any of the HESA records to ensure that they continue to reflect changes within the sector and the changing requirements of users. An annual update process will be scheduled for each year for each record unless one of the following is planned:

Major record review; A fundamental review which ensures the on-going integrity of a record. As well as reviewing exactly what information is collected, major record reviews also enable consideration of the fundamental design of records including record/data structures, timing and consistency with external standards. A major record review usually takes place every four to five years and takes approximately a year to complete.

Post-implementation review; This type of review follows the implementation of changes resulting from a major record review and usually takes place following the first collection of the updated record. It aims to fine-tune changes made as a result of the major record review. Any resulting amendments can be implemented in time for the next collection or for the one after that depending on the scale and nature of the amendment.

Review/update schedule [awaiting update]

The schedule below shows the type of record review/update process and the date before which Statutory Customers need to have submitted their requests for changes. The collection year is when changes resulting from reviews will be implemented. New data requirements and requests for changes to records should be submitted to HESA using the form by the end of the month before an annual update process/major record review commences. For example, requests for new data requirements and changes to the Student record for implementation 2015/16 should be submitted no later than 31 May 2014 as the start date for the annual update process is June 2014. Click on a date for information about that particular review/update process. 

Please note: if a link is not provided for an annual update process this is because HESA has not been made aware of any requests for new, updated or changed information and so an annual update process has not taken/is not taking place.

Collection 2014/15 (C140XX) 2015/16 (C150XX) 2016/17 (C160XX) 2017/18 (C170XX) 2018/19 (C180XX)
Student Jun-13 (A) Jun-14 (A) May-15 (A) Dec-15 (M) Mar-17 (A)
Staff Mar-14 (P) Feb-14 (A) Feb-15 (A) Dec-15 (A) Feb-17 (A)
Finance Statistics Return Dec-14 (A) Feb-13 (M) Dec-16 (A) Feb-17 (P) Dec-18 (A)
HE-BCI Survey Feb-13 (A) Feb-14 (A) Feb-15 (A) Feb-16 (A) Aug-16 (M)
DLHE Survey Mar-13 (P) Apr-15 (A) Oct-15 (M) Apr-17 (A) Mar-18 (P)
Estates Management Apr-13 (A) May-14 (P) Apr-15 (A) Oct-15 (M) Apr-17 (A)
Initial Teacher Training Jun-13 (A) Jun-14 (A) Dec-14 (M) Jun-16 (A) Mar-17 (P)
Key Information Set Sep-13 (A) Sep-14 (A) Sep-15 (A) Sep-16 (A) Sep-17 (A)
Institution Profile Jun-14 (A) Jun-15 (A) Jun-16 (A) Jun-17 (A) Jun-18 (A)
Aggregate Offshore Jun-13 (A) Jun-14 (A) Dec-14 (M) Jun-16 (A) Mar-17 (P)


   Annual update process (A)
   Major record review (M)
   Post-implementation review (P)
Please email Collections Development at if you have any enquiries.