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We try to undertake minor data enquiries - those that only involve a few figures and take around an hour for us to procees - free of charge. We will confirm this before beginning work.

More substantial requests are subject to charge. The charge will vary depending on the size and complexity of the enquiry and the format in which you want it supplied.

The minimum charge for a paid enquiry is £150.00 + VAT.


Members of higher education providers are eligible for a 20% discount. There is a 50% discount available for data requests to support academic research (with conditions attached). We also have discounts available for students undertaking dissertations.

Discounts must be confirmed with a member of our team.


In order to receive bespoke data from HESA you must be able to comply with the Agreement for the Supply of Information Services [pdf 549 KB]. This agreement incorporates conditions which enable us to fulfill our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Why do we charge for bespoke data enquiries?

We are funded by subscriptions from HE providers who provide us with the raw data. We are committed to providing value for money to these providers; by charging for our bespoke data service we are able to keep subscriptions levels low.